Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Sokyo; The Star, Pyrmont

Good friends are hard to come by, so when that special day to celebrate their birth comes by, you must celebrate it. Because without this day, they would not be in your life, it’s pretty much a day to say, thank you for being born. Perhaps I should be celebrating this day with their parents more to thank them.

So, it was Miss CC’s birthday, an Independence Day baby and she noticed that Sokyo had extended their breakfast hours, so we booked our Saturday morning foodventure at 8.30. Insane, I know.

Juice stand

Cause we are such piggies, we went with the a la carte and full continental buffet breakfast menu for $38. This also includes a tea or coffee.

There is an abundant of trays consisting of pastries, cold meat and congee. However, do not expect your typical breakfast buffet with bacon, eggs, sausages, hash brows and the sorts.

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We order our food and before you know it, we are on our feet and at the buffet. We load our plates and head back to the table to start. But bam, our food arrives, suddenly we look like we have over ordered, again.  We like to eat with our eyes you see…

Eggs benedict

Miss CC goes with the eggs benedict, the bacon looks like it’s cooked well. Nice and crispy, but that brioche! Soft and fluffy, did I eat a soft pillow? It was light, and gave no hints of the heavy and rich brioche like texture. It was almost like eating air. Almost.

Curry udon

It was a cold morning, and the curry udon caught my eye. Perfect warming dish to help you brave the cold after your breakfast. It has a bit of a kick, the udon bouncy in texture. Slices of pork neck are found within your bowl among big chunks of potato and carrots.

“Should we get the waffles?” Miss CC asks, as that was the dish that really lured us in to Sokyo.
“Nah, it’s ok.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, I’m full…”

No Miss CC, we aren’t ordering waffles because I had already ordered it without you knowing. Now, here I was hoping she would not suddenly ask for the check. She didn’t even notice the 'Happy Birthday' dusting on the plate until much later. But all good, as long as she got her moments surprise.

Matcha green tea waffles

Dusted with matcha powder the waffles came with yuzu curd, strawberry gel and a vanilla crème fraiche. The sweetness of the crème fraiche was addictive, as I scraped my waffle pieces with it, perhaps a little too much…

Happy Birthday my dear friend, Miss CC. I hope you had a lovely time, as we had the pleasure of watching the Aladdin musical with Nicole Kidman x Keith Urban family. May your year be filled with plenty more laughs and smiles, as I believe we kick started your year ahead with a (Big) BANG!

So, have you ever tried to surprise your friend and they did not notice until a little (or much) later?

Level G, The Darling
The Star
80 Pyrmont Street


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  1. Oh J what an amazing birthday your friend had, and credit to you for sneakily organising waffles. I'm not as good with keeping a pokerface so whatever I have planned tends to be revealed anyway. Like you, I always put more on my plate than I think I'll eat - but that's where takeaway containers come in hahaha. I'm not ashamed!

    1. It was hard, but for her surprise it had to be done :D
      haha I know right, thankful we have takeaway containers. Better than food wastage right? :)

  2. what a way to start the day! Curry udon - super warming! I am such a glutton at buffet breakfasts #Oink

    1. mmm~ I know right, well, you know, they say it is the most important meal of the day :D
      Who are we to say it's not right? :P

  3. That's lovely Cassie, you're a pretty awesome friend!! :) What an interesting array of breakfast/brunch foods. No burgers though :)

    Keith has such luscious locks, hahahaha.

    1. aww haha I try, but she also does really well for me :D
      Unfortunately, no burgers, or else I may have been deterred :P

      Oh yeah he does! He looks so good in person… without all the cameras and tv being in the way :D

  4. What a sweet idea for a good friend! The food looks incredible there. And you were so close to Nicole and Keith! I felt for sure that they'd sit in the front row, you know, like the Oscars :)

    1. I know right, but it was perhaps pretty good seats where they were, cause it was sort of the "first" row for our section, where the performers run right in front of them. Little Sunday was adorable, dancing and singing to all the songs! :)

  5. What a fantastic birthday breakfast. I've always wanted to try out the brunch here, so seeing all those yummy dishes - especially the matcha waffles - makes me want to go even more!

    1. Oh I hope you make your way over to try their food! :)

  6. Sokyo is still on my to go to list. They have so much to offer now and the food looks fantastic.

    1. Oh I hope you do make it and scratch it off your to go list! I intend to go back for their dinner menu, one day :)
      There was a great variety :D


    I hope it was awesome and C had a fantastic time :D :D :D