Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Bondi Harvest, Bondi Junction

As previously mentioned, I have been watching a lot of movies lately, and due to the convenience of people finishing work, we always end up in the city. But that was getting a little too much for me, because I wanted to go back to our local Bondi Junction cinema, just because.

So, before our ‘Trainwrecked’ session we popped into Bondi Harvest to give their menu a try. I have been told their menu is pretty good, not to mention healthy. Now, that’s something I need once in a while.

Cajun spiced house made corn chips $8
While we wait for Miss FJ to arrive, Miss CC and I start on some appetizers because our bellies were just being grumpy and we don’t want to be #hangry. The corn chips seasoned well with Cajun spices and were already really addictive; let alone adding a dollop of their guacamole. The zesty lemon touch really got our stomachs ready for more food.

Duck liver pate $8

But we also had a side of duck liver pate, it was on the stronger side on the palate. Miss CC found that the pickles helped counter balance the flavours. There will never be enough crostini with a general serve of pate though…

1/2kg pulled lamb shoulder $32

Miss CC had her eyes set on the lamb shoulder as soon as we sat down although she was willing to compromise and order something else if we had too many choices. But we’re all friends for a reason, we all settled with the lamb. The meat was tender and soft, with the subtle hints of lemon. But those crispy jack potatoes pretty much stole my heart, packed with flavour as well as being so crispy that I forgot I was eating jack potatoes and though it was crunchy chips!

Stuffed southern highlands free range spatchcock $26

The spatchcook was a winner for Miss FJ, she loved the hidden ricotta, pistachio, cranberry and kale stuffing in the spatchcock. The spatchcock itself was cooked to perfection, and was not too dry.

Salted caramel cheesecake $12

No way were we to go without having some sweets, so we ordered their daily special, salted caramel cheesecake. It was dense, and that dollop of cream sitting on top gave our hearts a moment to take it all in. But the balance between caramel and salt was actually pretty good, being hit with that salty touch before getting the whole sweet caramel experience adding a touch of cheese. We were happy.

Another movie date with Miss MC found me back at Bondi Harvest for their brunch menu, because why not cover their menu in all aspects if I was going to blog about it?

Miss MC starts with a juice, however as soon as she finished ordering, I ask her what juice – she had already failed to remember. That’s what happens when you have a friend with REALLY short term memory…

Zucchini breaky bowl $19

Miss MC goes for the zucchini brekky bowl, filled with zucchini noodles, kale,  chimichurri, poached egg and halloumi. She enjoyed this thoroughly.

Breaky sandwich $14

I on the other hand settled for the brekky sandwich because once I see bacon on the menu, I don’t seem to be able to surpass it. The tomato chutney brought such a sweet touch the whole sandwich, and the runny yolk had me tossing the sandwich around to avoid dripping on my hand.

If you want a menu that can cater to both something a little healthy or something a little more indulging this is probably the place to be.  Cause we would like a restaurant that can cater to everyone.

Bondi Harvest
500 Oxford Street,
Bondi Junction

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  1. Salted caramel cheesecake...YES PLEASE!!!!!

    1. mmm, yes it was yum yum!
      great balance on flavours!

  2. Wow I can't stop looking at the spatchcock! It looks amazing! :D

    1. It was a great dish, and I see why my friend loved it so much. But the potato lover in me is being blinded by the crispy jacket potatoes :D

  3. love the photos!mmm I'll do it all over again :P