Monday, 21 September 2015

Burwood Festival, Burwood

Timely-ness is everything, says my tutor. So this is when I decide I should take those words on board and allow this one post to jump the queue. Miss FJ, Miss CC and I popped by Burwood Festival over the weekend all for the American pop up stall by Miss Chantii’s x Pigout.

The only stall that has a queue that extended to a 90-minute wait if you arrived anytime after 11am. Thankfully, we beat that and had arrived at 10.30am. So, times like this naturally comes with the best conversations. I personally don’t like going to the Night Noodle Markets (I know, and I try to call myself a foodie). I have my reasons, such as, why am I queuing for food I can get at the restaurant and paying the a meal price for a snack size? (Am I contradicting myself when standing in a queue right now?)

Guess what, Miss CC agrees with but I know she LOVES to go as well.

“So why do you go then?!” And I thought I contradict myself.
“Because it’s a case of MOFO.”
“MOFO? What the hell is that? I can’t keep up with these acronyms!” I know the naughty MOFO …
“Fear of missing out!” I literally repeated it out loud, “It’s not good when you read it like a manual”
“Isn’t that FOMO!?”
I guess I ain’t that behind with these acronyms after all…

Notorious P.I.G $12

The burger buns would have been nice to have been warmed, but I can forgive that because we are at a festival. The pulled pork was juicy and tasty, soaked in a sweet like sauce, however it was so tasty and filled with flavours that it had overpowered the apple slaw. The crackling, like omg it was so crunchy that Miss CC said, “I can’t hear anything, om nom nom nom.” It was great to have the crunch element in the burger.

South'n Belle $12

The chicken wings were preferred over the burgers as they were really succulent. The exterior crunchy and interior still juicy, we had maple on the side, which was not really required for the chicken, but if you wanted a touch of sauce you could for it. A bit steep for $12 with 3 chicken wings...

And while we like to maximize out time, while Miss CC kept our spot held out queue to pigout (pun intended), Miss FJ and I headed off to the takoyaki stand. Yeah, wait was like 10 mins max only cause we had to wait for it to cook.

4 balls $5 | 8 balls $8

We had the sauces on the side, but while it was burning hot – it was unfortunate that a few pieces were still a little uncooked. We did think that it lacked a little flavour, as Miss CC and I did drain them in as much sauce as possible and still found it was a little tasteless. A little unfortunate, but made our anticipation for our burgers grow even more.

So, do you keep up with all these new acronyms? And do you like to attend festivals as well?

Burwood Festival
Burwood Park
Park Ave,



  1. I made the mistake and went at 12:30 lol ... Saw the lines for that burger and didn't bother :(

    1. Oh no, 12.30 would have been a horrible wait. And also guess the rain didnt deter people.. or it did, could possibly been worse?

  2. Hehe being a MOFO or having FOMO? Which is worse? :P And eek a 90 minute queue. I don't think I could do that.

    1. bwahahaha!! I don't know, I'm sure Miss CC would find it a hard choice as she has a BIG case of FOMO haha!!
      yeah, 90 minute wait would have been crazy! Glad we beat that rush, but in saying that, I probably waited just under an hour

  3. I really wanted to get to this festival for the American pop up. That crackling looks so good!

    1. Aww... there were lots of people, I assume the rain didnt deter many, cause I was there, under the rain at one point. Just after we ordered!!
      But the crackling was definitely the best part of the whole burger :D

  4. I was there as well but didn't end getting anything from the american pop up because I turned up pretty late and it ran out LOL