Thursday, 24 September 2015

West Juliett, Marrickville

This year has been pretty packed with time, it’s either I spend an entire day at uni or I am working. So, when I had a Tuesday afternoon free, being at home just felt weird. That prompted me to contact the first person I know who is free, my aunty JS, a quick brunch catch up was organised and we found ourselves sitting inside West Juliett.

Freshly pressed juices $5.90 (small)
My watermelon, lime, mint and pink salt juice was refreshing, something that can definitely bring the summer feels started for sure. The watermelon and mint was very dominant over the lime and pink salt, not sure I could taste either.

Hand cut royal blue chips with crisp herbs $6.90

Chips on the menu, you have my attention, and now I will order you. Unfortunately, some of the chips were cold, so it may have been a mixed batch. But the ones that were still hot, were great and tasty. They were sort of between hot chips and handmade wedges. When ordering, remember to ask for a side of aioli, I went with the chilli one, and it had a great spicy kick.

Chicken, lime, chilli mayo, greens, coriander and mint $12.90

Aunty JS enjoyed her sandwich, which looked like a monster to attack.

Grass fed burger, lettuce, cheddar, Dijon, tomato, pickles, mayo, relish $14.90

I went for the burger, now I love it when the cheese is melted right on top of the patty. While it was filled with a fair bit of toppings, I did find it lacked a little something to make me ogle over it.

Choc chip cookie with pink salt

Hugging our stomachs, I could not let myself walk out those doors without trying their pink salt choc chip cookie. And I’m glad I had one, because I see why everyone has been talking about this. A soft cookie which reminds me very much of Mrs Field’s cookies, with a great balance of salt to sweet tickled all my fancies. I’ll be sure to pop in and stock up on these cookies!

So, have you got that someone in your life that you know you can always turn to for a quick catch up?

West Juliett
30 Llewellyn St,

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  1. Pickle score? Hahaha!!! To be honest, West Juliett for me is ALL about that cookie!!
    Side note - I went back to BondiTonys last night.. SOOOOOOO much better than when we went.. I'd actually recommend it now!

  2. I still haven't been there! But the pink salt in the drink and the cookie sounds great! I've had it in cookies and cakes but not drinks (unless they're those strange energy drinks) ;)

  3. I love that beautiful crackle on top of the cookie - have heard great things about West Juliett but really must try it when I've got a free morning!

  4. Pink salt and choc chip cookies are a match made in heaven! Shame about the chips though!

  5. Oh YUMM that cookie sounds so good!