Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Nutrition Station, Maroubra

I’m sure you all remember my health freak brother, because I seem to always point it out. So, one Sunday I was asked to join himself and Miss DT for brunch. We were deciding where to go, but he was adamant about going “Nutrition Station”. So, if he was so sure he wanted to go, we went to give a try…

Chicken Wrap $9.00

He tried the chicken wrap, because I was sure we could fit in space to all try the pancakes together. Though he did enjoy how fresh the ingredients were in his toasted wrap.

Caesar Wrap $9.50

Miss DT had the chicken caesar wrap, pretty much your caesar salad in a toasted wrap.

Maroubra Burger $11.00

I on the other hand, go for the item, which seems least healthy, the Maroubra burger. Because it had bacon! This was actually rather tasty, the beef patty was juicy, and vegetables were fresh. The downside would be the bun broke as soon as I bit into it making it impossible to continue eating with my hands and resulting to a knife and fork. Which the brother laughs at the facts that I had to even ask for one! [Fatties pickles: 3.5/5]

Honey Nutter $9.95

The brother and I enjoyed the honey nutter smoothie. There were plenty of peanut flavour, and I don’t say it in the sense that it feels like you’re drinking KRAFT peanut butter. There are hints of sweetness from the honey, and this can definitely pass off as a meal in itself.

A revisit had to be done, as there were no sweet potato fries available as yet when we first went. Unfortunately, the second visit – they were still unavailable. But no fret, I know for a fact that they are now on the menu!

Protein Pancakes $12.95

The brother got the pancakes, and don’t underestimate the three thin slices here, the brother mentioned that they were REALLY feeling, and this is coming from a 6 foot human being with a pretty big build.

Breakfast burger $6.00

Again, I try to find the unhealthy item on the menu and settle for the bacon and egg roll. The bun this time survived and allowed me to use my hands, but the egg was honestly egg-cellent! It made this as messy as any bacon and egg roll should be, trying to eat faster than the yolk runs! The bacon was cooked to crisp, the way I like it, giving you that little crunchy bite.

Nutrition Station is now spotted pretty much anywhere, the new healthy food chain, but they are bringing to you a healthy menu with all your naughty loves.

So, are you a healthy eater or someone that just simply likes to indulge in food? Do you have a healthy eater around you that likes to choose to go places that offer a protein filled menu?

Nutrition Station (Maroubra)
Pacific Square
Shop 54, 737 Anzac Pde

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  1. I expect the pancakes would be more filling if they included protein powder? I do like the idea of nutrition pancakes though - make mine a double!