Saturday, 26 December 2015

Canterbury Kebabs, Canterbury

Working in hospitality, there is always this need to have a list of places open for late night feeds. When we were young, the parents would take us along to Dee Bees in Double Bay for late night feeds. Now, if there is no day job involved the next day, the brother, cousin JC and myself will go roaming around for food. And these two boys are my personal late night foodies.

“Oh! So it’s linked to a petrol station,” I clearly had no idea where the boys were taking me, only that we were going to Canterbury for chicken burgers.
“They should rebrand and call themselves Canterbury chicken burgers instead,” The brother rates their chicken burgers highly, and cousin JC let the brother take charge on the ordering.

No hipster baskets, no wooden chopping boards, and definitely no plating, these humble sesame seed burgers sat snuggly inside stereo foam boxes. I question the brother and his diet, and his response was as simple as “It’s Christmas”. Point taken.

Large chips $5.00 | Sauce: $0.50

The chips were seasoned with chicken salt, you will not be short on it – believe me. But you must have a side of sauce, because everything tastes nicer with sauce. Mix the chilli and mayo and BAM chilli mayo at your service.

Chicken burger (the lot) $8.00

Ok, so the buns were lightly toasted with a little crispy at the edges, and the thin slice of chicken was cooked perfectly, as it was juicy with a subtle charcoal flavour. The melted cheese was still stringy when I took that bite, but I tell you what made this an ultimate burger, that chilli and mayo. There is quite a kick in the chilli, so that’s a warning to those that cannot take spice. [FBAS pickles: 4/5]

I’d like to say next time I come, I’d try the kebabs – but I am sure that will not happen. I also am not sure I would even go for the beef burger, but life is about experimenting and the boys may even give me a funny look. That’s an understatement; I already know what they would say…

So, do you have foodie buddies that you venture out with for particular meals? And what are those meals?

Canterbury Kebabs
Metro Petroleum
280 Canterbury Road,

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  1. I was wondering where this place was when I saw the title post but it all clicked when I saw the photo. Have driven past here hundreds of times but never ventured in!

    Wishing you a Happy New Year, Cassie. Hope the coming year is filled with all kinds of delicious adventures, big and small!

    1. One of those places we all drive through but never go into! It's so easy to pass these places! I know I would :)

      Happy new year Helen! You too, wishing you a year a of plenty of food and all as well x

  2. 4/5 pickles hey? :) Hehehe, Happy New Year Cassie. Catch up soon please (Jan is going to be my "healthy eating" Lord help me!!

    1. bwahahahaa 4/5 indeed, also for the late night points ;)
      Catch up needed indeed! haha there are some healthy burgers out there ... right? :P
      Happy New Year Bianca xx

  3. Yum!! Now I want burgers. That will teach me for eating light tonight and eating so much kale lol.Happy New Year lovely!! x

    1. Oh, I feel we are all trying to be good in January after such a big end to the year XD
      But hope you get burgers soon!!
      Happy New Year Lorraine! xx