Wednesday, 6 January 2016

2015 Wrap Up


A week or so late, but it’s still valid.

Korean fried chicken was so 2014. 2015 was totally the year for burgers! And I had my fair share of burgers in 2015; back to Mary’s, tried Bonditony’s, even Belly Bao jumped on the bandwagon with baogers, and the most recent one Canterbury Kebabs. Believe me, I have more stored to share with you all, posts are definitely on the way.

2015, a year I actually wanted to end sooner, I was just over it. I guess because the year had not started in the best way for my family with the passing of my grandfather.

But nonetheless, here’s to a better and greater 2016!

With that low start, there were still some fairly great highlights in 2015, which made it that little bit better. The Leong side of my family all headed back to the father’s homeland, Fiji and had a great time enjoying 'Fiji time' as well as seeing what their family owned convenience stores look like today and visiting their relatives.

I then headed off to Japan and Hong Kong, and there are plenty of posts to come with that. But that's a sneak peek into my Japan trip if you did not notice my instagram posts.

And because nothing can go bacon my heart, I visited La Buvette for the bacon French toast and that was nom-licious!

Because GD looked at my camera #sayseveryfangirl

Then OCTOBER finally came for my inner kpop fangirl to be unleashed! Kpop King’s BIG BANG visited the land down under with their MADE concert and Miss CC and I decided that we missed out on so many of their other concerts that we totally made up for it all by attending their Melbourne show as well …

Then we had the Hello Kitty Diner open here in Sydney! All that built up excitement, and it was finally here!

Chatswood really is becoming the new eatery suburb, as Chatswood interchange has a lot of restaurants opening. Now, Chatswood Westfield has Hawkers Lane opened, transporting you into asian streets.

November, I popped by Perth with long time friend Miss MC to visit our Perth-ian Miss NH for her birthday. There are PLENTY of posts to follow as well.

December was probably the biggest month of the year, being Christmas and all. As it was finally uni break time, so I had Ed Sheeran concert being enjoyed under the rain. Because it’s just so romantic!

Went to watch Oprah, because we all need a little inspiration in our lives every now and then.

Youtubers, Wong fu productions brought their movie, Everything Before Us tour to the land down under as well.

Absolutely loved Matilda a childhood movie made into a musical.

Had a family day trip to Canberra, mum’s crazy idea of not telling one another where we will be and hope to meet by chance. Result of my car was bumping into my cousin and her boyfriend…

I call it a mediocre year, but writing this wrap up – I guess I didn’t have such a bad year after all. Lots of travel and shows. But I apologise about the lack of posts in 2015, been such a busy year with uni, work, and just life. I guess you can tell with how I haven’t seemed to stay in Sydney for that long…

But here’s to hoping that 2016 can help me catch up on all those backlogged travel posts!

I here wish you all a lovely, healthy and prosperous year ahead. We may have all started the year with a lot of rain, but we still have 300 odd days of hoping for more sunshine! #silverlining

Signing off,

Cassie x


  1. I think it looks like you had a great year Cassie! Well from the things that you attended and ate it looks great. Love that photo of you in the geisha outfit too!

    1. Thanks Lorraine, yeah after typing it up, I did realise it wasn't such a bad year after all :)
      Guess I was just being a hard pleaser last year ;)