Monday, 11 January 2016

The Apollo, Potts Point

How fast does time fly by us, we are already well into 2016, and to think that a month ago I was running around like a headless chook. Christmas shopping, eating, celebrating and work life was busy in finishing up before the holiday break and those last minute calls to work in the restaurant due to lots of bookings.

Fitting in with the majority, the gang and myself had our annual Christmas party organised by our all time favourite and best host, Miss CC, at The Apollo this year.

With a party of 10, we went with the Full Greek banquet for $55 per person, but we like to eat so we decided we needed more food because there was only one meat dish as a main. We like our variety.


I’m not an olive eater, but I was told by those that do, these were a little on the salty side.

Taramasalata mullet roe dip

This dip was smooth; it went down easy with the warm pita bread, not to mention that pop of flavour with the roe. Also a little on the salty side, but it just means you aren’t allowed to be too greedy with the amount you spread on your pita bread.

Warm pita bread

Extra pita bread was served in a cute little pizza take away box.

Village salad cucumber tomato feta olives

The salad gave you everything you would expect of a greek salad, not too overpowering with the vinegar but enough to let you get that sour touch mixing with the fresh vegetables. And there is nothing more pleasing than seeing a block of feta sitting on top.

Saganaki cheese honey oregano

When the cheese arrived at the table, we were all left in awe. The honey leaking off the cheese creating bubbles around the hot pan left our mouths gaping wide. Tasting the cheese was almost like reaching heaven, I think, as I wouldn’t know but if I had to imagine it, this would be it. The sweetness from the honey did not overpower the cheese, as you still got that goodness with that pan-fried touch. But eat this while it’s still fresh, as you know what cold cheese can be like. I also decided to eat this with some of our left over pita bread, YUM!

Oven baked lamb shoulder lemon greek yoghurt

The lamb shoulder was tender, falling off at the touch of a fork, a touch of lemon gives you that zesty touch adding the mint brings the lamb to a new refreshing level.

Greek style BBQ chicken $34

Winner, winner, chicken dinner; this was not on the banquet menu, and we had added this simply because we are big eaters. The chicken made an impression, and we are glad we did not pass on this. We found this was much tastier than Chiswick and was succulent. The mash under was smooth and I was digging in for more, hoping no one noticed I was cleaning the plate.

Roast chat potatoes garlic herbs

I knew I wanted to demolish the plate when the potatoes arrived, but I knew better than that, maybe. But they were crispy around the edges with just the right amount seasoning. I could live on potatoes….

Walnuts filo pastry coffee cream

The banquet comes with the filo pastry for dessert, little bits of walnuts and raisins were wrapped inside the filo pastry. The coffee cream is one not to be missed. Not quite baklava, but they do bring on some similarities with the texture.

Loukoumades (honey doughnuts)

And I said, we like to eat and we like variety, so we had the Greek doughnuts added. But our waitress kindly made our pastry servings smaller and added a doughnut each for us. These were delicious; they had a slight hard exterior and soft and pillow-y interior. The first time I had Greek doughnuts; they were hard all around, so this was definitely something I enjoyed much more.  

The Apollo catered well with their sharing menu, it is generous and there is definitely enough to cater to everyone. We just love food and like to maximise our experience by adding more food, we did all walk out hugging our stomachs.

Do you add more food to your set menus or do you just go with what has already been offered?

The Apollo
44 Macleay Street,
Potts Point

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  1. I've yet to make it to The Apollo, the food looks great. The lamb...The loukamades...THE SAGANAKI!! BAHHH!! :)

  2. I still haven't been there! Set menus are good for large groups but like you we always order more food!

  3. Saganaki with honey is so good! The lamb shoulder is always a winner here too.

  4. Oh wow how delicious!
    I remember seeing this bubbling honey and cheese on social media, now I'm being tortured all over again.
    What an amazing selection of food.
    Thanks so much for sharing
    Gourmet Getaways

  5. Dear Cassie,

    The Greek style lamb shoulder looks delicious!

  6. that cheese and potatoes!!! <3