Monday, 8 February 2016

Parlour Burger, Sydney

There is plenty to eat out in the city, but unfortunately more than half of the cafes and restaurants are actually closed on weekends. So I guess it is no surprise that people do go to the inner west for their brunches.

But luckily, Parlour Burger was open and I have wanted to try their burgers ever since they opened. Delayed, I know – but better late than never right?

Miss CC and I were so excited to see milkshakes on the menu, but unfortunately they were not available. So, we settled for our burgers with some cider on this warm day.

Dirty burger $14

Miss CC went with the dirty burger. It sure was dirty, filled with a bacon rasher and cheesy burger sauce. You can always go for a double dirty, the thought of it was dirty and so good that it’s bad!

Kung fu burger $14

I had the kung fu burger, with kimchi, jack cheese and miso mayo. I was a little on the disappointed side as I feel like it failed with the kimchi, I could not see it nor taste it in the burger. I would have liked the cheese to have melted a little more, but the buns were toasted well. [Fatties pickles 2/5]

Beer battered onion rings $5

When there are onion rings on the menu, I will be sure it is ordered. Full sized rings, covered in batter was addictive.

Deep fried pickles $5

Miss CC wanted the pickles. I’ll be honest, I’ve never had an entire pickle before so was a little hesitant. Every time I see whole pickles, I am reminded of The Little Rascals movie for some reason.

But anything deep fried will have me trying it! The tangy pickle was actually not bad eaten as a whole, and that crunchy batter was tempting me for more.

Duck fat chips $6

Chips were served in a cute nostalgic tin cone-measuring cup. They were a little on the soft side, which was not so favourable. However, it was seasoned well.

The burger sizes were more on the smaller scale for the price that was paid, but given the location we are in – I guess it is considered average pricing.

Have you ever had a burger that you had been disappointed in? And where was this (so, I know to avoid)?

Parlour Burger
255 George St

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  1. I constantly eat burgers that's a crime!! I've managed to avoid Parlour Burger till now, don't see that changing for the foreseeable future!

    1. Eating this I was reminded of our conversation about "there are bad burgers out there"
      It was like sadness...