Monday, 22 February 2016

The Grand Trailer Park Taverna, Melbourne

Remember when I said Miss CC and I travelled to Melbourne for kpop kings Big Bang’s MADE concert? Well, we were actually there for less than 24 hours, but meals had to be devoured and we had no intention of wasting a trip to Melbourne without having indulged on something.

I think we were really hungry because we missed the narrow entry to the The Grand Trailer Park Taverna, thinking that our google maps had failed on us, until we looked more intensely and voila. There it was snuggled between Nandos and 7 eleven.

We just beat the lunch crowd, as once we were settled there was a queue standing at the door. The décor was fun, booths set out for big parties giving you the trailer seats touch.

Left: Salted caramel, bourbon & maple bacon: Alcohol $17 | No alcohol $10
Right: Kinder surprise, nutella, frangelico, baileys: Alcohol $21 | No alcohol $12

Milkshakes you say? With alcohol? On a Wednesday? Sure, why not? Miss CC had the salted caramel, bourbon and maple bacon – it was sweet and went down nice and easy, notes of sweetness from the caramel was not overpowering. I went with the kinder surprise, nutella, Frangelico and baileys – the Frangelico was strong, every sip I was reminded that it was 5pm somewhere in the world.

Atomic burger $17.50

Miss CC went with the atomic burger, filled with a beef patty, American chedder cheese, caramlised onion, cheese kransky, and bacon. Someone was in burger heaven when indulging this burger.

Francis underwood burger $17.50

I admit defeat when I have been knocked down, francis underwood killed me! That mac and cheese croquette, like honestly, it’s all amazing things made even better. The crumbed exterior was fried to perfection, encasing a creamy and cheesy mac and cheese. The melted cheese on patty was done to perfection - I was a happy girl. The beef patty was juicy, and that special sauce just brought the whole burger to a whole new level. I was in love, but I was in death. I could not for the life of me finish it! [Fatties pickles 4.5/5]

Chilli, cheese chips $10

I’m not sure if you guys have picked up that Miss CC and I eat with our eyes, and this chilli cheese chips were my order. There was just the right amount of kick that if you can’t take chilli, would still be ok.

Waffle stack $10

Travelling to Melbourne isn’t exactly far, but if we were here, we were going to maximise this visit. Waffle stack had caught our eyes. And that height, was one that would make one drool. It looks like danger, and it tastes like danger – you know when it’s so wrong that it’s just so right? The cream was light, the nutella parfait breaks through the sweetness from the nutella sauce. Delicious.

Nutella donuts $10

Miss CC wanted the nutella donuts, and I was straight out honest, “I cant fit more in” so when she went to order, she noted to me that she will see if they will sell one single donut to her. So when this arrived, my instant response was:

“You did not.”
“You should never leave me unattended…”
There was no guilt. She was grinning from ear to ear. Who could rain on her parade, “You’re eating all three”

But, I ended up having one because experiment purposes and apparently I had to. The nutella sauce was already melting from inside, as the donut was warm. The exterior was soft and fluffy, surprisingly not an overly sweet dessert.

Hugging our stomachs, we rolled down the set of stairs and ventured around Melbourne city. Believe me, I had every intention to try and hit up more eats before our concert, but I was still so full!!

Have you ever travelled to a city for a short amount of time for something in particular and maximized your trip with eatery? If so, where?

The Grand Trailer Park Taverna
87 Bourke Street,

Melbourne VIC

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  1. "You should never leave me unattended" could be my motto for life really! I love the sound of the milkshakes with alcohol with them :D

  2. Just.. hnnngghhh. That waffle dessert dish reminds me a bit of the rhubarb icecream sandwich at Easy8diner (same same not quite). Mmmmm

  3. That mac and cheese croquette sounds like such a unique addition to a burger, it doesn't surprise me that it was so filling because it looks deliciously massive! :O