Monday, 15 February 2016

Delhi By The Way, Potts Point

On my way over to Potts Point, I drive by Kings Cross and I am always a little bit happy and proud to have that iconic coca cola sign in our beautiful city. I always invision the night life of Kings cross with the flashing sign, cars zooming by, people walking the streets hitting up their next clubbing destination.

Located in one of the side streets sits Delhi By The Way. Refurbishing a home into a restaurant, with a fireplace sitting in the room it brings a sense of homeliness.

Candles lit above the fireplace were a nice touch in ambience to the cozy restaurant. It’s a casual restaurant with a little special fine dining touch.

The tables are set the Delhi paper as a place mat.

Masala papad $4

We get introduced to try the masala papad, I have never had this before. This has a nice kick to it, the poppadum encases a tomato, cucumber, and Spanish onions salad. It comes with mint sauce which I found didn’t really need it, but if you would like that refreshing touch, adding it will give you just that. I thoroughly enjoyed this, there were all types of tastes; spicy, tangy and refreshing with that crisp poppadum – perfect way to start my appetite.

Lahsooni jheenga $16

The lahsooni jheenga is a take on garlic prawns, while the prawns were fresh I did find the garlic a little more on the subtle side. Which could be a good thing if you’re on a first date…

Samosa $10

I know, ordering a samosa at an indian restaurant? Why!

But the pastry was light, not heavy at all like the ones you can get in a food court (how can it even compare?!) But it was a delight to eat, you get a choice of either chicken or vegetables.

Beef vindaloo $22

Another common order beef vindaloo, I am told by Susheel that back in India, this dish does not even exist. But there were constant requests for it, so it has been added to their menu. We love this curry, you sure do get the spice attack, but it’s not to the fact that it is all that you taste. You get the curry and spice flavours, and the beef is stringy and tender.

Malai kofta $22

Trying to steer away from the butter chicken, because I have already ordered much too many common dishes, we opted for the malai kofta.

This curry is a vegetable dumpling curry, inside the curry you find a selection of mixed vegetables. There is definitely potato inside, with the mashed potato texture, strong flavours of almond is found within this as well. I did find this curry could do with a little more flavour, but the curry sauce is smooth and creamy.

Gulab jamun $8

Who can say no to dessert? We order the gulab jamun, dumplings cooked in sugar syrup. While it looks like it would be deathly sweet, it was actually really light. It reminded me of greek donuts from Apollo. The dumplings were like a sponge like cake, soaked with syrup and had just enough sweetness.

Delhi ki sardi - honey and pistachio $10.50

Delhi ki sardi you say? I am in love with the honey and pistachio ice cream! The pistachio flavours were evident with subtle honey sweetness and the ice cream smooth and creamy with bits of pistachio throughout for that lovely crunch. Extra honey is drizzled on the plate, and be sure to scrap some more with your spoonful of ice cream because one can never have enough honey.

It was a pleasant meal at Delhi By The Way, there is an upstairs for parties or even functions. So don’t be afraid if it looks like small restaurant.

Do you order the most common dishes of a particular cuisine when you go to a restaurant, or do you try new dishes?

Journey from Within dined as a guest at Delhi By The Way, however all comments are based on JFW’s own opinion.
Thanks to Susheel for the invite as well his hospitality with his team at Delhi By The Way.

Delhi By The Way
42 Kellett Street,
Potts Point

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  1. We love trying new things or stuff from the menu that you can't get anywhere else. That being said, we always ask about the specialities of the house too :)

    1. Yes, we also asked for recommendations, so my experiment dishes were recommended... and the common ones were my own choices haha! But it was nice to get some of their specialities too :)

  2. Dear Cassie,

    I love the restaurant and cafe vibe in Potts Point with the its charming terraces!

  3. Beautiful shots! Everything looks delicious, the malai kofta looks right up my alley.
    Miss you dear xx
    - Dee

    1. DeeDee!
      Thanks! Perhaps if you visit, we shall pop in there for you ;)
      Miss you too xx

  4. Samosa's are the best!! Hahaha, no shame in hiding my 'whiteness' I love the classics :)

    1. Bwahahaha there was no regrets once I had the samosas, it was delicious! :D