Monday, 28 March 2016

Bare Grill, La Perouse

Burgers, there’s just something so satisfying about meat between two buns. After seeing Bare Grill take over FBAS last year (I know, a back logged post) I just had to make my way over.

My chance had come when the brother asked for burgers and local. BAM! Instant, done deal.

From these photos, it can be noted it has been a good few months, as I know the burgers are no longer served on white plates.

Chicken burger $10  (with chips and drink +$5)

Not much of a red meat eater, Miss DT opted for the chicken burger. She notes that the chicken was juicy and the vegetables were fresh. She thoroughly enjoyed her burger.

Fatties burger $13 (add chips and drink +$5)

I ordered the fatties burger, double patty, bacon, cheese, pickles and their house made sauce. My brother asked to swap burgers before his arrived! He had food envy already! 

Fatties innards

But that cheese melted on top of the patty made me salivate. The patty was juicy, the cheese drizzling and it was a mess to eat but it was simply on point. [FBAS score 4.5/5]

Outback burger $15 (add chips and drinks +$5)

The brother’s burger arrived and no swapping was needed, he was happy with the outback burger. Though they did run out of chips but was told they would be back with some more for us. It was actually a very thoughtful touch to have the burger served fresh than to have it sit in the kitchen waiting for the chips. The brother was impressed with this attention to detail.

We were given a whole serving of chips, due to messy hands – no photo could be taken.

REVISIT! How I wanted the fatties burger again, but no, I must venture out …

The cure $15 (add chips and drink +$5)

The cure, written on the blackboard had my attention instantly. My only problem was – how in the world am I going to eat this? IT’S MASSIVE! Two beef patties, hash brown, bacon, double cheese, pickles house made sauce and fried egg. Maybe I was greedy, maybe I was trying to cure from a massive party the night before, but damn that hash brown was such a great component. There is just something about hash browns; you can never do any wrong.

Serving burgers on point is one thing, but to have such little details put into consideration really enhances the whole experience.

Have you caught on the burger bug as yet? If so, where do you recommend as a must visit?

Bare Grill
Shop 3, 1599 Anzac Pde,
La Perouse

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  1. lol that burger is massive! Would definitely require a jaw dislocation to get your mouth around that!

  2. Oh my... The cure looks insane. I'vet yet to try their 'on-menu' items. I went and tried a concoction they were tinkering with. A peanut butter burg while tasty had a few flaws.

    You know I always have burger fever :)

  3. I love their fish burger with the hash browns. That was really good (and enormous)!