Monday, 14 March 2016

Trio, Bondi Beach

It’s always nice to get in touch with a little bit of tourist. It reminds me that I live in such a beautiful city and that I’m blessed with such beautiful beaches. Not that I’m a beach-y kinda girl. But the occasional strolls and being in the space just gives me moments to embrace the beauty.

After an early morning stroll at Scupltures last October to avoid crowds, we found ourselves seated in Trio for our brunch.

Left: green smoothie $12.50
Right: Watermelon juice small $7.50 large $9.50

The warm day meant that we felt like juices, a cocktail would have been nice but you know it wasn’t quite noon yet. Refreshing and comforting, there is nothing better than a nicely chilled juice and smoothie under the warm sun.

Flat white $4

Mr KH needed a coffee after spending a morning with two girls and two dogs...

mediterranean breakfast $27

Mr KH ordered the Mediterranean breakfast; a plate full of char-grilled haloumi, crispy pancetta, sundried tomatoes, spinach, chorizio, poached eggs and olive sourdough. I believe this was thoroughly enjoyed as the plate was left clean.

Corn fritters $22

Miss CC opted for the corn fritters; with smokey tomato chutney, bacon, goats cheese and roquette – she enjoyed this but like me, she is also searching for corn fritters that are out of this world. Miss CC noted that she did find them a little dry and could do with some more chutney.

Trio breakfast burrito $21

I was not that hungry, but could not resist and ordered the trio breakfast burrito, curious as to what it was. It was nice, I loved the idea that it was a deconstructed burrito. The eggs were so addictive with the spicy kick from the chilli and pepper. The salsa had hints of chorizo, and I love chorizo – so it was a winner. And I could add however much I wanted into the tortilla bread. Winning.

Nutella french toast $20

After seeing the nutella French toast on the menu, there is no surpassing Miss CC and I. As you would know, we ordered a French toast at Ruby's Diner also. Nutella has seriously taken the market away with how it’s been introduced to so much in sweets in the past year or two. No one can decline it. The nutella was evident in this as it was found in all areas, a layer between the two soft brioche, with an adding touch of hazelnut crumble to boost that nutella flavour! Bam, our palatte was taken on a nutella ride! Bananas just helped counter balance the dish and make it seem like we were eating something healthy…

Bondi beach really is lovely, there is just something about it. But the sad thing is, when you do see the occasional empty stores and think how hard it is for a business to survive in Sydney. Not to mention how expensive parking is in the area…

Tell me, do you occasionally act as a tourist and admire how beautiful your city is or are you more appreciative and always know your city is beautiful?

56 Campbell Pde,
Bondi Beach

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  1. Finding the perfect corn fritter is definitely a challenge. A shame these were a little on the dry side.

  2. Haha yes so much Nutella around!! And I love visiting places that show off the beauty of Sydney and Bondi Beach is a great choice! :D

  3. Dear Cassie,

    I love this part of the world especially in summer with a cold beer in hand looking out onto the rock pool and Bondi beach :)

  4. This looks nice and refreshing! I really liked your green smoothie. I will give this a try next weekend. I was searching interesting Green energy drinks that can be given to kids too as most of times they don’t like what I make.

  5. These are great shots!