Monday, 2 May 2016

Gami Chicken & Beer, Perth

These past two weeks, everyone close to me has decided it was a great idea to jet off on a plane and leave Sydney. I mean, that’s cool – I’ll just stay here alone and appreciate this city. Cue in Eric Carmen’s ‘All by myself.’

But in saying that, I jetted off to Perth and left them all behind before – so it’s only fair, I guess, maybe. So, continuing my Perth eateries, we found ourselves sitting inside Gami Chicken & Beer for a Friday lunch and it was buzzing with people already. The weekend has sure started in Perth already.

Corn cheese $9.80

Three girls, four dishes – we can do this right? Starting with the corn cheese. Not sure if we were really hungry or this simply took us to a happy place. It is like a mac and cheese, except with corn instead. I did expect a smaller serving, but found it to be a really generous size.

The cheese was stringy, and every bit of sweet corn was smothered in cheesey goodness. There was a great amount of self-control stopping ourselves from demolishing this.

Tteokbokki $14

The tteokbokki had a mix of fix cakes, vegetables and instant ramen. Rice cakes takes up a lot of tummy space, but it was definitely a good call. I personally really enjoyed the spicy kick, however it could have been a bit too much for my eating companions. The rice cake had that great chewy bite, and was not overly cooked making it soft, the fresh vegetables allowed a nice crisp texture in comparison.

Korean style fried bonless chicken $32

BAM! Fried Chicken!  Nothing gets me more excited than hearing a crunch and being met with juicy chicken. And that was what you get here at Gami, along with a choice of two sauces. But personally, I much preferred without.

Potato heaven $14.50

Because I always eat with my eyes and forget that Miss MC has a super tiny stomach, I ordered the wedges. It was like I had something against carbs or something because this is totally potato filled. Wedges doused in sweet chilli and dollops of sour cream sat on a layer of smooth creamy mash. A little more sweet chilli would have been nice, but no complaints. The wedges were everything you expect, and the tiny ones had an extra crunch. So greedy me may have indulged on the tiny ones.

Pickled radish, honey mustard sauce and sweet soy garlic (comes with fried chicken)

We were done; we rolled out of the restaurant and may or may not gone in search for more food …  because that’s what holidays are all about, right?

Do you eat non-stop when you are on holidays, or are you much more sensible and space your meals out?

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  1. 3 gals, 4 dishes!! Course you can do it :) Corn cheese hey? What an interesting combo!!

  2. You guys ordered everything I think I would have lol! Looove corn and gooey cheese and hell yeah to the fried chicken too! :D

  3. Corn cheese is the best! And yet I never think to do this at home!

  4. Best food all time, even spanish tapas is one of the best in all.

  5. Wow! These foods are great! I feel hungry when looking at them! ^^

  6. That cheese and corn....
    I think I need to go back

  7. Oh my that cheese!! and the fried chicken galore! did you girls finish that dish???

  8. Their corn cheese is freakin amazing! Their KFC game is strong! Nice photos.