Monday, 16 May 2016

Hancham, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Let’s take a time capsule back to March 2015, when I was in Hong Kong. I should have known better when I was going out with my aunt and uncle, they never disappoint in the places they take me to. So, I was disappointed in myself for not lugging my camera around during our day of shopping. So, I sufficed with my phone camera, because I decided to feed you all as well #bloggerproblems.

Like many other Hong Kong eateries, Hancham is found inside an old building and would easily be missed if you were not familiar with the area. My aunt and uncle had actually stumbled across this gem while scanning the streets for food.

If the wait staff speaking limited Cantonese and resulting to me speaking to them in English was no indication of a more traditional Korean restaurant, then the photo of Big Bang’s leader, G-Dragon would have been.  I must say, the inner fangirl in me screamed a little, as this was totally unexpected – I had to keep it within me as my dining companions have no idea who he is.

 Short beef ribs HKD $250 (AUD $44)
We start with one of my must orders, the beef ribs! I’m surprised by how on the menu, you see on piece of beef ribs and it really does come as one. My aunt said, when they first opened, the photo had three and still served one piece, my uncle had made a friendly note that it was a little misleading. From that point, it had changed. It is quite steep in price for a piece of meat, however in saying that – it was so tender. The hints of garlic and soy marinade seeps through with a bite. The quality of the meat is noticed, so that is where you will note the price.

Pork jowl HKD $150 (AUD $26)
We got the pork jowl, because my aunt isn’t a fan of too fatty foods, so I had to put my pork belly love on hold. (Fun fact: I take pride in my pork belly cooking at kbbq). But the pork jowl, was delicious, it cured all my pork belly needs, in all the right ways. The tender pieces of pork cooked with a slight crisp exterior makes me one happy pork lover.

Beef tartare with pear and honey HKD $180 (AUD $31)
The beef tartare was a risk taker for me in the sense that I am a little weary about eating raw foods when overseas. But rest assured, I survived to tell the tale. There was subtle sweetness throughout, I did find the pear was a little lost, but that's ok because it offered a refreshing crunch. The beef had that slight chew but not tough, and if you’re all for tartares, I do recommend this dish.

Kimchi pancake HKD $130 (AUD $23)
The kimchi pancake was thin and massive – as most pancakes are served. It was thin delivered to the palate with the kimchi ratio. But because I’m all about crispy and crunch, I would have loved it to be pan fried a little more for that crispy layer, for a tiny crunch when I take that first bite.

Seaweed and oyster soup HKD $100 (AUD $18)
Because my grandma isn’t much of a spicy eater, though she loves it. We went for a more mainstream soup – seaweed with oyster. I love seaweed; I love soup so I love seaweed soup. If you’re not a fan of seafood, I would steer clear from this as the soup base is very concentrated, aside from that it was a very clean and clear on the palate. It was a nice contrast compared to everything else we had ordered, where they were much stronger in taste.

I would say that Hancham is on the higher price end compared to many other eateries. But I did find upon walking in, the interior did emit that feeling. Again, I wouldn't have expected anything less when with my aunt and uncle.

Because I was only in Hong Kong for a few days, I had wanted to eat EVERYTHING. I walked out of Hancham full, but before I went in I walked past the street food and wanted spicy fish balls, so my mind was set. Unfortunately, we did not see it again when we left.

BUT NO FEAR, I met up with my cousin-in-law the next day, and that craving was satisfied because he bought me fish balls.

And just because I love food sharing, Miss CC and I also got our cheung fun (steamed rice noodles with peanut and hoi sin sauce) and ngou lei so (sweet deep fried dough stick).

Have you ever been to a restaurant and found out a celebrity also dined there after? Or do you go to restaurants that you know they’ve been to?

And who here also loves street food? Because I am always up for a snack when shopping and Asia makes it so accessible! I don’t need a proper meal to waste shopping time! Just keep me full by feeding me constantly with food that’s just there!

Hancham Korean BBQ
Winfield Commercial Building,
1F, 8 Prat Ave,
Hong Kong

Second shop
Empire Centre,
Shop 43, UG/F, 
68 Moddy Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui,
Hong Kong 


  1. OMG!!! GD!!! did you take a photo/selfie with the photo on the wall!??!!?

  2. I love pork jowl. And yukke is the best!

  3. haha G-Dragon! At least the pork jowl looks fatty even if you didn't get your pork belly haha

  4. I often can't tell if a celebrity has been there unless I'm a huge fan of that celebrity! What a find and how good to have rellies like that! :D

  5. Dear Cassie,

    I have no idea who G-Dragon is either. Can't believe how steep HK prices are. I think I will stick to wantan noodles when I am there coz $44 can feel 3 in a Eastwood KBBQ.

  6. That kimchi pancake looks intense!

  7. That pork jowl looks delicious, and even though I'm not really a fan of tartare that does sound good too! Hehe when travelling I can never resist the call of street food either - especially when its cheong fun!