Thursday, 13 March 2014

Forever young ...?

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So, it’s that time of year again for me as an individual – let’s just add 1 to your age, woohoo … oh yay … not.

For the past few years, birthdays haven’t really been in that wow factor very much. Perhaps it is indeed a sign that I am getting old – not even perhaps, it’s a fact! Looking at my younger cousins and how they tell you how old they are makes me ponder back on those years….

How the months matter so much!
How it was being thirTEEN! You’re now a legit teenager!
How excited we all got when we hit sweet sixteen! But seriously, what’s so sweet? You get your learners?
How oh-my, hold your breath … EIGHTEEN! Let’s go party, we can legally drink now!
How turning 21 was the big thing, because we are now responsible adults drop the young …

Now, I forget how old I am when I get questioned … and if I reply with a younger age and realise later – I FEEL LIKE I LIED! But I guess being Asian has it’s perks at times like this … like my now 11 and a week old cousin said, “You can tell them you’re 25 every year now, no one would know…”

Thanks to Miss CC, Miss FC, Miss JN.
Thanks to parents.
Thanks to cousins & bro
However, in saying my negative in this – it is also the time of year when I am hit with reality again of how blessed I am to have the people I have around me. This year in particular got me the most, I have other gifts I have received since taking the photo of the above photo. As my birthday was in fact a few weeks ago ...

Thanks JS
… To getting this AWESOME rainbow cake from my 13-year-old cousin. This young boy fulfils all my outrageous requests when I ask him to. Even though I knew when I mentioned I wanted this cake, he would no doubt make it. It just never ceases to catch me by surprise how he can whip it up looking so amazing!

And yes, let’s just update you on my 30-day squat challenge … I am so disappointed in myself! I was less than 10 days off and I suddenly forgot days here and there and attempted to make it up – then got all my days confused and just … gave up! #MASSIVEFAIL

But I must say, during that time – I did feel the difference in some of my clothes and it was AMAZING. Don’t ask how that “amazing” feeling managed to make me lose count, I guess I have commitment issues?

BUT let’s pick up this slack and start again! I shall find another challenge to push myself towards … now that uni has started again, I will need to work on my time management again. AND updating this once a month is just not good enough, I need to really pick up my game!

I have no time is merely an excuse, time is based on how you manage it …

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