Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Bodega, Surry Hills

Restaurant: Bodega
Location: 216 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills
Phone: 02 9212 7766

Catch-ups are always great because it means I have a legit reason to get more food in my belly. A night that was supposed to be with just Miss MC and myself, we found a freeloader joining us on the night, Miss CC – as she was an abandoned soul, I kindly asked Miss MC if she was ok with a freeloader at our date night. And because more people means more food!

As expected, you need everyone present before you get your table - so Miss CC and I ordered some cocktails as we waited for Miss MC to arrive.

Cinema Highball $16

The Cinema Highball won so many points for the presentation! Yes, it’s only a lump of popcorn sitting on top of the glass, but heck LOOK AT THAT GOODNESS! But yes, this was really only popcorn floating on top of a rum and coke.

Dark and Stormy $17

Miss CC ordered the dark and stormy, she enjoyed the refreshing hit she got and that mystic taste. I mean c’mon, the cocktail is called dark and stormy; of course it would naturally have some sort of mystic feel to it when consumed.

San Daniele prosciutto, sweet mustard pickles $16

First up, proscuitto and sweet mustard pickles - thinly sliced and laying on a wooden board. The lightness of the proscuitto makes me so happy, but I think what holds dear to me would still be MoVida.

Empanada $6.50 each

innards of empanada

When we were deciding what to eat, we decided we wanted empanadas - however they don’t tell you what kind of empanadas they have. My ever so loveable Miss MC misunderstood Miss CC and I and started to explain to us what empanadas were. Spinach and cheese empanadas, yes please!   Once it was placed on the table, I had to quickly cut it open while it was still hot. Stringy cheese greets me and makes me feel content.

Steamed milk bun, bbq tongue, crab, salsa golf $12 each

There were definitely no arguments around the table when one of us suggested the milk buns, first bite in and we knew we made the right choice. Soft and fluffy buns with a very tender tongue paired with a nice tangy salsa. The bbq of the tongue offered a subtle chargrilled flavour amongst tangy salsa.

Roast pumpkin salad, crispy zucchini flowers, manchengo and ranch dressing $22

I do not eat pumpkin, but a salad was required when we were ordering so much food. You know, to help counter balance everything. But then again, I don’t really eat zucchini flowers either. This salad screamed everything not Cassie. BUT I attempted to try it, and surprisingly, I actually rather enjoyed this. The pumpkin was soft and melted in your mouth, sweet but not overpowering. The zucchini flowers, well, they’re deep-fried and I like anything with a crunch - so there was really no objection there.

Fish fingers, hiramasa, charred toast, cuttlefish, mojama $22

I secretly wanted fish fingers when I saw it on the menu, and the waitress helped back me up when she recommended it as well. Yes, fish on toast - what’s so special about that? I don’t even know how to begin to explain it to help bring it to justice. But the slight crunch in the toast along with all the flavours with the fish was just simply divine.

Grilled pork belly, pickled celery, radish and romesco $24

PORK BELLY GET IN MA BELLY! … I love pork belly because the meat is always so soft, tender and moist and then you get that delicious crunch of skin! The crackling here was no disappointment, except for the fact that it was so small compared to the meat! Ratio wasn’t great there . Hidden amoungst all the red radish lay our beautifully cooked pork belly. True to my love, it was succulent in all ways.

Lamb neck, smoked cauliflower puree, brown butter, rosemary $26

It was a bit of a wait for our lamb, that we started to suspect that they may have forgotten about it. But low and behold, it arrived! I must say, it wasn’t too spectacular compared to everything we had already devoured. Perhaps we were already hitting the stages of being too full. I do admit, I wanted the lamb dish for the cauliflower puree more than anything, and it was so smooth and creamy. It was so moreish and I believe we ate all the puree leaving a few bits of lamb left …? Priorities, we have it down right!

'Banana split' cream flan, banana marshmallow, dulce de leche ice cream $16

Dessert? Any room for dessert? There’s always room for dessert! The deconstructed banana split was so moreish! The ice cream was so refreshing, and we demolished it in no time.

Passionfruit parfait, chocolate biscuit, fudge, cocoa meringue $16

The first spoonful of this dessert was a little strange, we were not sure whether we liked it or not. So, we didn’t touch it until there was nothing left of the banana split. But after a few more spoons, the passionfruit offered a nice tangy touch to the whole dessert. It was interesting, but I guess it wasn’t entirely a wow dish for us.

The service was great, they were all very attentive and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there. I simply loved the ambience and casual atmosphere Bodega offers. I may just pop back for some of those tapas and cinema highball!

Recommended dish: 
Fish Fingers, pumpkin salad and milk buns

Not such a fav dish:
Lamb neck

Good food with good company makes it a great night!

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  1. Congrats MIss CL on braving it alone, it's been a long time coming but you're finally here…and this is a great one to start off with a bang. Delicious words and yummy pics…perfect ingredients for a promising blog. Good luck [you won't need it but I'll say it anyway]!

  2. OMG YUM! The cocktail looks amazing <3

    and lamb necks? What is such thing?!

    <3 Ling

    Blog: happylingfish.blogspot.com

    1. They are amazing! :) Totally need to pop by and check it out when you have the time ;)
      ROFL! It was just lamb to me really :P

  3. haven't been to Bodega in a while but been impressed with the food every time i go there especially the fish fingers. hope to head back soon

    1. Totally am not surprised that they never fail you! :)
      I'd love to go back again, I did quite enjoy everything when I was there, just the ambience was great too :)

  4. the cinema highball looks amazing!

    1. I know right! The presentation really did not lack at all! :D