Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Hot Star, Sydney

Hit: XXL chicken, sweet potato fries
Miss: Chicken pieces, curly fries

The (not-so) new kid on the block, Taiwanese fried chicken Hot Star is giving the hype of 2013 Korean Fried Chicken its run for its money!! Having wanting to go ever since they opened, I finally made my way over on a rainy Sunday with Miss CC, her brother and friend before watching the most epically awesome lego movie!

Choices, makes my head hurt and why would I not get the XXL chicken when I am here? But it’s not exactly share friendly… OH WHAT THE HELL, I am so getting the XXL chicken if I am at hot star, that’s what it is known for now isn’t it?!

Hot Star XXL Chicken & Drink $9.90 

Teeth sinks in, crunch. I die at the crunch and relive because I can that way … but then the juicy tender inner chicken has me back at death of complete delicious-ness! To this day, my mind has been on this heart attack piece of chicken – and will be anticipating my next return!

Combo side (with chicken above) $2.00

So, I had gotten the deal because you know, everyone loves themselves some sweet potato fries! And man, the nice and crunchy exterior with the soft and sweet innards was simply breathtaking. Having enough flavoured salt sprinkled adding a touch of spice is making this set of sweet potato fries a winner in my heart thus far.

Excitement because it's as big as MA FACE!

A revisit has been made! Because everyone loves fried chicken, but Miss CC and I had a proper meal prior to this (I know right, WHAT THE HELL!?) and simply made a pit-stop to make those silly cravings go away.

Super bites combo (chicken pieces, side & drink) $9.90 / Sweet potato fries $3.90

We decided we should try the curly fries because, well … who wouldn’t? We had the spicy mayo on top because they accidently forgot our fries … and so well… sorry to the people behind us? I would recommend having the fries with sauce, as it could be a little dry without.

Little chicken pieces; well let’s just say it’s not XXL chicken! (well, DUHHH!!) It’s just not the same boohoo. But as I said before, XXL chicken is not share friendly and we could not possibly have finished a whole one! The chicken pieces were also juicy inside, however it’s just not as tender and crunchy. Just not the same, so unfortunately, those cravings have not yet been satisfied and I may need to secretly plan another trip for some more fried chicken …

Until next time Hot Star …

Every bite makes me miss you more …

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    Any place that does sweet potato fries is a winner in my books already. And gosh that XXL chicken!! I hope the cost wasn't too extravagant

    *dies* I want to be back in Sydney so bad right now

    1. When you come back, totally going to take you here and try this!! :D :D :D

  2. hahahaha nice! Love to hear that it's crunchy and super tasty. I need to try this awesomness!

    1. Oh yes you do!
      I can't wait to hear your verdict on it... especially when you can see so many people praising it, hope it doesn't work up your expectations!